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A pioneer of hazelnut processing.

In 1976, three growers, John Newell, Dick Birkemeier, and Ben Mitchell Jr., left a Dundee co-op to form Willamette Hazelnut, Inc. The hazelnut industry was emerging, and they seized an opportunity to become an industry leader and help growers achieve greater returns on their crops.


Since then, Willamette Hazelnut, Inc has worked with hundreds of farmers and a select group of food producers, some of whom have been with them for decades. Today, they’ve grown to serve the world’s largest and most prestigious customers, earning a reputation for delivering exceptional quality and service to both growers and customers. Their success comes from taking the time to know each of their buyers and learning the best ways to serve them.


If you need fresh, high-quality hazelnuts from a reliable and reputable partner, we’re here for you. We’d love to learn more about your business and how we might best support your needs.

A Sustainable Future

At Willamette Hazelnut, we truly care about the environment and take proactive steps to protect it. Over the years, we’ve done a lot to implement innovative solutions to create clean energy. Our plant utilizes onsite solar power.

In an industry where food safety is paramount and sustainability is ingrained, we do everything possible to find creative ways to decrease our environmental footprint. So we invest in high-quality reusable packaging and encourage our customers to find creative ways to reuse it. We’re committed to becoming a net zero operation by 2027 and continue to find innovative ways to create clean energy.

When it comes to a name, pronunciation is key.

When it comes to a name, pronunciation is key.

We work with people all over the country and the world, and we’ve noticed the various ways in which Willamette is pronounced. So we thought we’d help you out. Here is a quick and entertaining video to watch. We hope this helps.


How to say “Wil-AM-it.”

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